Welcome, friend!

Yes, we called you "friend" right off the bat, because we feel like we might already know you. In fact, we have a hunch that you might just be...EXACTLY LIKE US. 

Like maybe sometimes you have that nagging feeling that, somewhere along the road of life, you left some parts of yourself behind.

Every so often, you might even wonder what would have happened if you had actually taken that chance you were too scared to take, long ago.

You're happy, of course, but there's the spark of a dream inside of you that refuses to die--and something tells you that maybe NOW might be the time to see if you really have what it takes. 

Perhaps you totally crashed on the road to your dreams at some point and you're wondering now if it's too late to make a brand new start.

Whether you want to:

  • Do a complete U-turn,
  • Add an adventurous detour,
  • Or just learn to observe more of the scenery on the road you're already traveling in life,

You've come to the right place!

Hi! We’re Darcy and Josephine. Those aren’t our real names, but that’s what we’ve called each other for nearly 30 years, so that’s what you can call us too. We’ve been best friends for most of our lives and, in that time, we've dreamed a lot of dreams. Some of those dreams have come true, but others got left behind in the dust for a while. 

Like you, we took a look at the road we were traveling and decided we needed to adjust our course--just a little bit. And The Mis(sed) Adventures Project was born. .

We're building a community of people who believe, like us, that the best parts of life are never in the rear-view mirror. We're looking at the wide-open road, plotting a course, and putting the pedal to the metal.

And one of the best things about a road trip, of course, is the traveling companions. 

We hope so much that you will be ours. 

Join us on the journey to our dreams--ours and yours. We'll share tips and tricks from what we are learning from those who have traveled the road ahead of us. We'll fill you up with plenty of fuel for your passions and talents. Of course, we'll stop every so often to nourish those secret dreams inside of you, so that you have the stamina to stay the course. And we'll help you get back on track when you take a wrong turn (because we all do). Hey, we're even providing the mixtape, because everybody needs tunes!

There's plenty of room for you, friend! Won't you hop on in?